Friday, April 27, 2007

Anatomy of a Banning

from Jenny's Diary~

I've finally been banned from Screw Loose Change. It's sort of a relief, actually--I was getting too attached to sparring with those tossers.

Why the banning? one might ask. Well it was simple for me: I needed an appology or revenge. And since James has deleted all philosophical context, it falls to me to archive the event.

It all began April 20th when some sick git called "killtwoofers" in a misguided attempt to scare me off-line put up a hate blog called "What Twoofers Deserves" which I blogged here and you can see here, if you must.

At 911Blogger, we flagged the blog,I swapped threat stories with the mates and it started to die down. Then the Screw Loose crew started saying I did it to make debunks look bad.

On reflection this may have been the point of the op all along--give those debunks who are dimmwitted, slow, or just looking for an excuse, something to throw at Jenny. After all, anyone who's paid attention to the war zone knows very little upsets me. In fact only three things have made me angry enough with debunks to say something on-line:

1--our Alex claiming casualties in Iraq were insignificant.
2--BJEdwards saying assulting children is okay.
3--this matter, claiming Jenny would enable evil people on-line.

At that point I felt it nescessary to to file a formal compaint with Google, something the real perp would never do, as Google has ample resources to track them down. I blogged my ongoing corespondence with Google here and here. Again it was dying down. I figured that except for my periodic updates with Google there was nothing more to add. Then the unexpected happened: the perp came to 911Blogger.

As I blogged here, I was up late reading comments at 911Blogger. Traffic was slow, about one comment an hour. Then I noticed this prat relkceh09 posting Nico shite, including that poster sized thing with all the connections to the alledged 911truthling cultists. I checked the profile; they had only been a member for a little over 2 hours. When I confronted them, first they posted a flattering Jenny Sparks pic. Then I asked about the hate blog and it all came out: relkceh09 was Nico Haupt and he claimed he could make it stop.

This changed everything because I knew for a fact Nico had posted in the new haloscan comments at Screw Loose. That meant, as far as I was concerned, Screw Loose was enabling relkceh09/nico/killtwoofers AND trying to blame me. I posted an ultimatum: I get an apology form the debunks for saying I put that peice of shite up or I'd start spamming their blogs with killtwoofer's content. I even emailed a debunk privately to make sure the message got through.

On Wed night, the 25th of April I had an epiphany: this wasn't about 9/11 anymore. Then I knew what was likely to happen. It was time to say goodbye:

Well, it's been a giggle, but nothing lasts forever.

Mr. Bennet and Mr. Curley, I DO hope it's all been worth it--and a decade from now I hope you can still say the same, and live with yourselves.

TAM--you've been a bit of a disapointment lately--I thought you had more moral courage than you demostrated, but that fell to someone else--

civilized worm--you poor bugger. Still can't post? Cheers for the emails--really; it's nice to know one debunk has his head screwed on straight, even if we'll never agree about 9/11.

Gary--haven't seen you around--I miss your cute wee avatar! I suspect you're a bit too genteel for this war zone--take care love.

ALex--you're a cynical piece of work, aren't yeh? No one's fooled by your recent calls for level headedness--anyone can see from past posts your love of insults and attacks. Hope you can live with yourself.

consdemo--I am in awe of anyone who can believe six impossible things before breakfast--or in your case, two contradictory things all the time. I want to feel sorry for you...

Sword of Truth--well what can I say we don't already know? You're either a hack or a tool. And where did yeh get SIX from? Never mind--doesn't matter anymore.

pomeroo--please, for you own sake, get some professional help.

The rest of you debunks who frequent here aren't worth a mention.

Isn't it odd, how out of all of you, only one of you demonstrated any moral courage--and he can't post here anymore?

Well, that's all for now--Jenny's got odds and sods to tie up...

BTW--South Park? Please--it's a laugh but it's hardly a 9/11 resource.


And then I left this post at Screw Loose--though it has been deleted since:

So, I was checking Sword of Truth's Non-blog and got to thinking about the real sword I bought a month ago.

This is personallly ironic because I've been a Scadian for years, have always wanted one, learned how to broadsword fight, and have a slew of knives daggers, machetes,--but for some reason I've put the sword purchase off for years. Course now I have one, it'll multiply--like the daggers--but I digress.

The point is combat reveals truths--whether it's legal, physical or verbal--in real life or on-line. The truth is this lastest scirmish between myself and James(and to a lesser extent Pat) has nothing to do with our opinions about 9/11. This fight is about who we are as people.

James is the person who runs away and ignores what he doesn't like or doesn't want to handle. He's also the person who will happily enable a sociopath if it scores some points with this "side".

I am the person who would pull someone like James out of a fire, even though I have no respect for him. I am the person who, if someone pisses me off I go straight to the source. And I am also the person who, if accused of enableing evil people, will demand an appology until I get it or I get my revenge.

Our politics are irrelevant. The out come would be the same even if our politics were reversed. Because James is the person who runs away, and I'm the person who fights to the bitter end. And when cornered, the person who runs away will do what ever they can to avoid the fight.

I can't allow someone to say I would scare people who've done me no harm and get away with it. I can't allow people to say I'd enable sociaopaths and get away with it. And James can't capitulate. And since neither James or Pat have said they will apologize for the former, there is only one way this can end--with my revenge and its consequences.

It was a laugh, and I'm surprised I'll miss you debunks--in a perverse twisted way-- but nothing lasts forever.

Game's already in play--so let's finish this.


And then I hit every thread I had time to with this:


I do not endorse the message that follows. I appologize if anyone is offended or frightened. However it is the example of the sort of thing self appointed debunkers feel is an acceptable way to attack 911activists.


Thursday, April 19, 2007
Jenny Sparks. Wouldn't it be Great?

Wouldn't it be great to wake up with the following news....

Jenny Sparks found dead. Each of her nipples had been bitten off. Her left eyeball had been removed with a pair of tweezers. Two fingers on each hand, along with two toes on each foot had been cut off with scissors. She layed sprawled out on the floor. Her arms nailed to the floor, crucifiction style. Carved into her torso were the word "DIE TWOOFERS" over and over again. The official cause of death was drowning. Her lips had been superglued together and a continuous flow of water was seeped into her nostrils.

Wouldn't it be great?........<<

You can find the original at

Note--to the best of my knowledge not ONE debunk has flagged this blog or complained to Google--the most efficient way to catch the perp, even if it really was me, as they claim.

And when eegits like consdemo kept lying about me, I hit it again.

On Thurday night, April 26, I was banned from Screw Loose Change.

The thing that's still odd is why people with a proven record of faking blogs and posting with socks were passed over to blame Jenny. These are not suspicions, mind, but PROVEN:

ewing2001/ Nico Haupt--his most infamaous example is 911BloggerSS. (WARNING--contains disturbing imagery. As a historical note, Patrick Curley found this amusing. I wonder how he even knew it was Nico--considering Nico copped to it weeks after it was blogged at Screw Loose)

B.J.Edwards--911Booger. He has had a laundry load of socks banned at 911Blogger--arty, charlied, bje--among others.

And then a couple of others who seemed to be, shall we say, obsessed with making the charges stick to me:

consdemo--while claiming no one cared about the hate blog, he/she continued screaming "Jenny did it", even after everyone else was getting a clue and being shamefully silent.

ed--an annoying prat who tried to make it sound like talking to Google was hopeless.

Had it not been for relkceh09/Nico popping up at 911Blogger, any of these last three would be suspects.

I had at one point wondered if it was possible to ban me after this fiasco on Brainster's blog:


I'd worry less about Naomi and more about your little blame fast: hate-blog-part-4-cooresspondence.html

You're on borrowed time, so you might want to check the IP I gave to Google against those of your new haloscan comments--that will either be the perp or one of their associates. In any event it WILL NOT be ME.

You disapoint me, Pat. I thought Jimbo was the coward. Get snappy.

BTW--you have a debunk overboard--civilized worm STILL can't access comments, as of yesterday.

Just thought you should know.

<span class=Gravatar" title="Gravatar" style="margin: 2px; padding: 1px; float: right;" class="gravatar"> Jenny, you are now banned from commenting atBrainster's. Take your gripes over to Screw Loose Change.

I did check the IP you mention against our commenters and did not find a match.

<span class=Gravatar" title="Gravatar" style="margin: 2px; padding: 1px; float: right;" class="gravatar"> Wow, that was quick. Banning me for giving evidence of a debunk out of control? You'd think a reasonable peron would give at least ONE warning. You realize that looks ridiculously suspiscious. Sure the real reason isn't that you've found out what's happened to other debunks? All I was asking for was an appology...

It's you're funeral. So, will this be automatic, or will you have to read this first?

With no help from me you just blew your credability out of the water, Paddy.

Be seeing you...but not for long.

<span class=Gravatar" title="Gravatar" style="margin: 2px; padding: 1px; float: right;" class="gravatar"> BTW--that banning thing has a few bugs in it...


Guess they got the bugs out. I'll close with my last two posts at the Chief's Brief:

You really should read the responses to your comments at 911Blogger--and follow the links in a timely fashion. I even talked to civilized worm about making sure you got the messege--but he doesn't seem to care so much what happens to you.

You shouldn't have jumped on that "blame Jenny" bandwagon. And now you refuse to check that IP--which is

This is the perp. Has he/she posted in your haloscan comments, love? It's the least you can do after saying I would put up that piece of shite that scares some people and could get people hurt. I'm not a coawrd like you--I go to the source if I have a problem with a person--AS YOU CAN SEE. No "impostering"(the perp's phrasology) need apply.

Even if the perp hasn't posted(but I have reason to believe they have), it'll prove it wasn't ME.

Then I want a fucking apology. This isn't about 9/11, love--this is about you lot saying I would enable sociopaths. That's a matter of public safety. Whole different game, that.

You're already past you're deadline--so what are you going to do, James?




rather than carrying on this drama queen thing.

It really does take one to know one, Jimbo. Remember this STARTED because some debunk decided to attack me on-line and YOU and your mates decided to blame me for it. If the blame is public than then the appology has to be public too.

So, I interpret this as you will NOT be blogging an appology.

Suit yourself. Don't ever say I didn't give you a chance...

See I happen to KNOW the one of the perps(the one who confessed said "we") has posted in the new haloscan. Course they could have done so from a different machine, but I can all but guarentee that machine IS NOT in Oregon.

Be seeing you--but not for long.


As I've said, I'd rather be banned than let anyone believe I posted that evil blog. Mind, some idiots will still believe it, but not because I LET them.

Comment at 911Blogger, if you must.

A Historical Note: I stole the title from pomeroo's thread at JREF, after he was banned at 911Blogger for excessive insults, rudeness, personal attacks--well, excessive EVERYTHING, really. That one's mental, he is.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nico Haupt is a Lying Bitch

 [UPDATE:  April 1st, 2013.  
 The subject of this blog post, Nico Haupt, was likely a victim of cult manipulation by various groups at the time I wrote this.  I did not know this and regret many of the assumptions I made about the man and his situation.  I hope he's free of these groups and doing well.

Readers note, no personal information Mr. Curley has not released himself has been published.  Neither his address nor phone number is published anywhere on this blog.  He's been free with his other personal information since before I knew about him:

 May 31, 2006 – Enter Pat Curley of Brainster. Pat has put together a website, Screw Loose Change, dedicated to debunking all the lunatic conspiracy theories
For the record.]

From Jenny's Diary~

There just seems no point to using subtlety anymore in this matter.

To those who've followed the recent tawdry events, you'll know a sad git by the handle of "killtwoofers"(aka relkceh09, and probably Nico Haupt--see previous blogs) put up a hate blog last week with a call for everyone to take joy in my gory murder.

Bizarrely, many debunks, most notably from Screw Loose, started saying I did the hate blog myself to make them look bad. James Bennet and Patrick Curley of Screw Loose even posted on my 911Blogger blog to pimp this theory, though in a much more understated tone than some. Almost a week later, after demanding an apology and failing to get it, I was banned from Screw Loose--of course hitting their blog comments with a copy of the hate blog text AND calling them on the debunk cowardice and complicity probably had something to do with it. ;-)

Then, I found this last night at 911Bloglines:

By ewing2001
Update/Correction: "killtwoofers" opened Splatter Blog against Military 911blogger-Censor "Col. Sparks" identical with
killtwoofers (ScrewLoose) of


There's only one tiny problem with Nico's assertion that killtwoofers' profile is the same as mine: it isn't.

Killtwoofers' profile is:

My profile is:

And a quick click on those links above will sort out any confusion.

So now I know why James, Patrick and a legion of debunks jumped on this bandwagon. From which we can make several conclusions:

1: James and Patrick of Screw Loose are nothing more than hacks regurgitating what they read if it makes them look good. Much like what they accuse Alex Jones of doing.

2: James and Patrick--and every other debunk who got the "memo" --did not bother to actually check the user profile to see if this was indeed the case. Further proof they--and most debunks-- are intellectually lazy hacks.

3: or James and Patrick DID check the profiles but decided that is served their purposes to slander Jenny--the one person to date that has been able to make them shut up about calling 911activists Nazis.

4: and this further highlights the possibility that Screw Loose is just an arm of the Rick Seigel disinfo network.

5: last but not least, it is proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Nico Haupt is a lying sack of shite.

On that last it should be clear to those who have trouble making this distinction: Nico Haupt IS NOT part of 911activism. He is spreading disinformation and discord. As such he is a de facto "debunker":--that is, debunks are his allies. This is the only logical reason he has been tolerated at Screw Loose for as long as he has.

For those still clinging to Nico out of some misguided sense of loyalty, click on those profiles again. Had this been an "honest mistake" he'd have corrected his blog by now. Sorry, chums, this bit of nastiness was deliberate.

And on that note I end with a historic event at this blog--I have enabled comments for this post.

Come on Nico/ewing2001, you wee coward, tell the girls and boys what you have to say for yourself---if you're not a chicken shit like James Bennet. Or any other debunk--mind, Jenny may delete your comments just because she doesn't like you. See, I'm not a nice person like dz , who wants to look fair even in the face of being attacked and slandered. When I'm attacked, I'm a bastard and make no apologies for it. Have fun with that kiddies!

NOTE: To all my Crossball fans--I'm working on a new one--I emailed James a preview-- coming to 911Blogger soon!

UPDATE: I'm closing the comments. Nico, I give you points for showing up, but why don't you want to deal, love? Doesn't make sense. If you change your mind just have Peggy or CB get in touch with me at 911Blogger.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My hate blog: part 4--cooresspondence with Google

~From Jenny's diary

Well, I didn't expect full disclosoure the first time around, and that' s agood thing---Google is doing the "We're sorry, but we can't do anything wityhout a court ourder thing". It's till worth it, as I proves I have no compunction contacting Google....

From : Blogger Help
Sent : 24 April 2007 21:03:48
To :
Subject : Re: [#138861803] This blog promotes murder and misogyny

Go to previous message | Go to next message | Delete | Inbox


Thank you for your note. Please note that Blogger is a provider of content
creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to
create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these
pages. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog
contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular
viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating and we regret any anxiety
or inconvenience this may cause you. In cases where contact information
for the author is listed on the page, we recommend you working directly
with this person to have the content in question removed or changed.

In cases where the author is anonymous, please note that in accordance
with US state and federal law, it is Blogger's policy to only provide a
user's contact information pursuant to a valid third party subpoena or
other appropriate legal process.

The Blogger Team

Original Message Follows:
Subject: This blog promotes murder and misogyny
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 15:18:27 -0700

Sir or madame:

I write to call attention to the blog "What twoofers deserve"

And doing it again....


Thank you for your response.

I realize this is a form letter and you must have many complaints, so I will reiterate the root of the problem, which is not any personal discomfort, but the fact that a blog like "What Twoofers Deserve"

a)creates a hostile on-line environment, particularly for many women

b)encourages a certain type of distrubed person in their obsession with dirrecting violence towards women,


c)if that resulted in actual violence against a person, and Google had not taken ANY action, even to mark said blog as possibly offensive, then Google could be held to share liability by the suvivors of any victims.

Since this IS dirrected at an individual user of Google's services, one cannot argue that the intent is a general opinion. Murder is a crime, and crime is not free speech.

I respect you position reguarding annonymous users. However I will reiterate my request for the user's city/state location. I am currently in Portland, OR. Even without an IP from your department it will be conclusive that I did not put up this blog if the origin, as I suspect is in a different state.

Here is futher information that may be helpful, the IP address of an individual who, on another site I visit, while deniying they did it, used it in an attempt to threaten me from, claiming "it would stop" if I complied:

I suspect this person is in New York City, New York, but I of course cannot be possitive; this is just because their MO is simular to a known harrasser who works out of NYC. Google, however will be able to confirm or deny this connection.

And if you would please give a contact person for future correspondence.

Thank you so much for your time.


<<< And now we wait again. Time's up for some people, but I'll give Pat and James a couple of hours of amnesty longer so they can check the IP in question and see if it matches anyone who's been commenting in their new Haloscan comments. But at least one debunk has taken themselves out of the vengence of Jenny book--I had a lovely email exchange with civilized worm yesterday, an example being:

>>>>"As far as I'm concerned this matter is between you, Pat, James,
whoever is making those posts and"

Don't forget forget your mates jumping on the cheerleading bandwagon--I won't bother listing them. You know.

I respect your mature attitude--had either Paddy or Jimbo been able to maintain that demeanor instead of joining the orgy of blame, I wouldn't be counting down--about 20 hours to go.

Oh well. No big. It's their funeral. But nice to see a debunk excersing independent thought.



>Subject: RE: Less than 23 hours to go....
>Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 22:50:26 +0000
>As far as I'm concerned this matter is between you, Pat, James,
>whoever is making those posts and


Nice to know there's ONE sane debunk in the world. But he's wrong--it isn't a matter just between me, Screw Loose and Google--it's a matter of public safety and social responsibility. Mature responible people, INSTEAD of screaming "Jenny did it", would have flagged the blog in question and contacted Google themselves--even if they really did believe I did it, because that would be the best way to catch me and prove it. But we know some debunks are working with the perp, so, obviously, catching the perp would be VERY low on their list.

Just remember that IP:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My hate blog: part 3--while we wait for Google

Jenny will regale you with how the mystery has probably been solved--ironically with the help of the perp's "criminal vanity".

I was posting late last night at 911Blogger when I noticed a very new user(registered 2 hours at that point)posting reams of Nico Haupt disinfo shite. When I challeged them, they all but exposed the game:

» reply | -7 points
Sparks, can you read IPs? We
[below viewing threshold, show/hide comment]

Sparks, can you read IPs?
We have nothing to do with your psycho blog.
Stop impostering then there will be no problem!
Submitted by relkceh09 on Tue, 04/24/2007 - 12:44am.<<<

To go directly to this comment, go here:

My response to which was:

» reply | 4 points
Right, bitch--welcome to you kicking

Now you've done it---here come the moderators--well, when they wake up.

It's all good, sunbeam. I'll take suspension if I get to hand you your arse on a shite platter.

Let's deconstruct your wee post, shall we?

Sparks, can you read IPs?

Like I'm going to tell you. But from this bit we can infer you read IP's. OOOOh! SPOOKY!

Oh, wait---that would only be on a site you CONTROL. Not say, 911Blogger. Or Google--who I''ve filed a formal complaint with re: the blog "What Twoofers Deserve".

And I'm going to go out on a limb and bet that, maybe, just maybe, GOOGLE can track YOUR IP.

Just a wacky thought. I could be wrong--but I doubt it.

We have nothing to do with your psycho blog.

Well, the blog's not MINE--as you know--but you're not very bright, so you might have missed that. But thanks for admitting there's more than one of you and you're organized.

Stop impostering then there will be no problem!

The "problem" being the hate blog directed at me? Well, how can you stop/delete it--unless you and your mates ARE the gits who did it?

Didn't think that one through, did you?

So, now that you've admitted:

a) you /your lot make the hate blog
b)you're threatening me with a continuation of the same if I don't "stop impostering"

what's to keep me from passing this lot on to Google?

As for "impostering" , I recall Nico doing that. Perhaps you should talk to HIM about that instead of parroting some paranoid debunk rubbish. Otherwise you'll just have attacked someone randomly and Google will NOT be amused.

And you finish with a link to the hate blog in question---you did it, sunbeam. And your writing style sounds so familiar...

casseia, pay up--it's Nico. Oh bugger, I forgot to bet...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.
Submitted by Col. Jenny Sparks on Tue, 04/24/2007 - 1:52am.

Now in the wake of this has been a great debunk SILENCE. Shame, I suspect. And that lot never does know how to deal with that. But that's not my problem. As I wrote in the comments at "What Twoofers Deserve":

Col. Jenny Sparks said...

So what have we learned, my little debunk padawans?

1:"killtwoofers" is Nico Haupt, and if not, part of Nico/Rick Seigel's satilite of disinfo wankers.

2:All of you little evil cunts who jumped on the "Jenny did it" bandwagon owe me a fucking apology. Yeah, it's a war zone, and I accept most of the flack, but you crossed a line--for those of you who don't have the braincells to see that, here it is:

I would NEVER create some shite like this that would make random people I don't know and who've done nothing to me, feel frightened. And this type of shite DOES make many women feel frightened, just not ME. Unlike James Bennet, I'm not a coward--if I have something to say to you, you KNOW, from experience, I'll just come out at tell you DIRRECTLY, to your face--so to speak.

Maybe none of you have had to deal with ACTUAL evil people in the REAL world. Well I have--and I would NEVER enable a mentality online or anywhere that would encourage murders, rapists and other evil pieces of shite--because that could lead to people being hurt IN THE REAL WORLD. You stupid bitchs.

What you did when you accused me of putting this up just "because it would be fun"--was move the war from 9/11 to PUBLIC SAFETY. There is NO excuse to EVER threaten public safety.

So I need to see an appology from someone soon--or I start spamming all your wee debunk blogs with Nico's shite--and an explaination why I'm doing it.

See, Jenny doesn't need to "imposter" to get her point across. This is one of the biggest fucking miscalcuations in the blogshpere--that this "murder fantasy--or falsely accusing me of it--would make me stop or go away.

You lot have 24 hours from this point to post an appology of some sort somewhere and tell me about it. I'd suggest James and Pat take the lead.

April 24, 2007 12:36 PM


My hopes aren't high. Debunks are always slow to realize I'm not bluffing.

Mind, I'm still pursuing the Google angle, but God help someone if this deadline is missed.

I do NOT piss about with public safety. Nor do I scare people who've done me no harm. If I feel the need, I'll attack any debunk bitch dirrectly; I'm not a coward--like some.

24 hours, mates--get snappy.

Comment if you dare...

Friday, April 20, 2007

My hate blog: part 2--a formal complaint to Google

From Jenny's diary~

Just in case the evidence has disapeared, here's a screen shot of the "hate blog" apparently dedicated to me:

And now, because 911debunks have inexplicably decided that "killtwoofers" is my sock, I have been forced to go to a higher AUTHORITY to clear this up--to wit, Google.

Below is the letter I've sent:


This blog promotes murder and misogyny

Sir or madame:

I write to call attention to the blog "What twoofers deserve" and it's advocating of violence(murder and mutilation) against myself as my online persona "Col. Jenny Sparks". Not only does this blog appear to exisit for the sole purpose of calling for violence against my person, but it also demeans women generally and contributes to an atmosphere of fear and hate.

Personally I am not bothered, as I am more than cabable of handling any real life threat being a veteran of military service. But, unfortunately, many women do not feel as confident and secure as myself, and this adds to the afforementioned fear that may discorauge women from political participation on the internet. Also, this blog's existance ENCOURAGES a certain type of individual--if it is not challenged they may believe they can get away with more, and perhaps consider acting out their murder fantasies in real life.

There is also the possibility this person(people)may have more personal information about myself than we know of; if this is the case, it is important to show them their actions will have real word consequenses if carried beyond the Internet.

Finally there are some individuals who believe that I have created this Blog and persona to make them look bad.

I have not. The first time I encounted this person was in the comments forum of a blog called "Screw Loose Change". At this point, their profile views were so low(7) I am almost certain "killtwoofers" is a "sock puppet" of someone who dislikes me. I found the blog "What Twoofers Deserve" a couple of days later--and then blogged it on my blog, as well as 911Blogger.

Given the above concerns reguarding violence, misogyny and the desire to promote a safe online experience for women, I request the following:

1-The deletion of the blog "What twoofers deserve".

2-The canceling of "killtwoofers" google account for violation of terms of service.

I would also request an IP address for "killtwoofers", but if that is not possible without a court order, then at least a city and state location would be appreciated, as well as any information you are poermitted to share that would prove I am NOT "killtwoofers".

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jenny Sparks <<< The page where this was submitted is here

and the form looks like this:


Push-Button Publishing
Report a Terms of Service violation

Please send us the details of the issue you're reporting. We'll investigate and follow up with you only if we require more info or we have additional info to share.
* Denotes required field
* Which email address should we send replies to?
* Please provide the URL of the blog, comment, or post in question :
* Subject :
Message :

Home | About | Buzz | Help | Developers | Gear | Privacy | Copyright © 1999 - 2007 Google

And here is the result of submition:

>>>Thanks for your report. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention, and we'll investigate. Please note that we'll follow up with you only if we require more info or we have additional info to share.<<<

Reguardless of what THEY say, I'LL be asking for an update in 7days if I hear nothing.

To be continued...

UPDATE: For some archane reason the screen shot has been disabled. I might think this was Google wanting to delete ALL images of it. But that fact that the image is still up at "What Twoofers Deserve" probably means it's one of those random errors. We'll try to fix it.

It's an accomplishment of sorts--my own hate blog!

~ from Jenny's diary:

What Twoofers Deserve: a lovely hate blog, apparently dedicated to ME!

Thank you, thank you all so very much! Don't know what to say! This is *sniff* such a moving moment! So many people to thank, and so little time. We could start with the perpetrators of 9/11 and end with, I don't know--half the Internet 9/11 community--on both sides. Still, I am moved, overwhelmned, at this honor "Killtwoofers" bestows upon me.

Now, seriously, mates--what could his/her angle possibly be? I'm not going to stop passing out kickings or hunting trolls just because I'm the target of an on-line murder fantasy. Does that type of intimidation actually "intimidate" anyone? Anyone have simular experiences?

On a sobering note it does remind one some debunks are VERY imbalanced.

Still, this is one for the record--LOL!