Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Nico sticks to Stalking and reports Truthaction as a terrrorist site

Which is not on either, BTW.

After my boys beat his boss about the head about Nico's behavior, Nico's at it again, with his 911Stalker TV:

In Nico's own words--"the topic was not a regular gay bashing". And we'd agree, luv--it was a highly irregular gay bashing.

Which Nico, Screw Lucy and Ricky are never going to live down.

But I'll let my boys speak for themselves. I certainly wouldn't want to take credit for their work. Fact is Screw Lucy may have cooked their goose by calling "jenny sock" one time too many. While Apollo just shrugged it off, Midnighter is in a towering rage about being called "Jenny"--pissing Midnighter off is not the smartest of moves, sunshine...

But back to this lovely video--where our Nico thinks it's cute to report as a terrorist site.

Now as entertaining as our Nico can be, that's just sick. There are people who take "terrorist" too bloody seriously, with not enough sense. Fortunately Nico shoots himself in his own foot by dragging in TV-fakery.

Meanwhile, in the background glare, we're treated to the distraction of a woman rubbing herself in alluring poses. Bloody hell, that isn't Paula Gloria is it?

After making a call to the NSA, Nico signs off : "Remember, planehuggers are pedophiles".

That's Nico-- all class.

Meanwhile, Nico's wife at Screw Loose Change finally starts to doubt Nico's info:

"I'm virtually positive that the claim that.. (Jenny Sparks ) a transgendered person is nonsense."

Sorry Pat, but didn't you say, not so long ago, that Nico has never been wrong? And yes, I did edit your quote--I'm not sharing the liability when the 911activist you think I am--who might be transgendered for all I know-- finally notices and gets legal.


UPDATE: Speaking of eegits--a couple of people were not clear that this phrase "After my boys beat his boss about the head about Nico's behavior" is a metaphorical beating. To the best of my knowledge Rick Siegel can still feel safe hiding in Spain--or Belgium for that matter.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Screw Loose Change contributor and amateur porn star Nico Haupt takes homophobic turn

And we all know what that usually, not that Nico is gay(though it seems likely), rather, it's time for a long overdue:

Newsflash Update

Patrick Curley's new husband, Nico Haupt, known to many as ewing2001, out did himself in a recent video, courtesy of Paula Gloria's rabbithole central network:

(CAUTION: the following video contains material that may be offensive to some viewers)

911 Stalker TV

Apparently the aim is to stalk 911 activists by attempting to violate their privacy. Sadly however, as I have been telling both the no-planes and debunker crowds, Nico's "sources" leave much to be desired.

The show was basically a fiasco for Nico "TV fakery" Haupt, as one after the other, he failed to contact his targets, much less have a chance to harass and intimidate them.

Another failed aspect was the not so subtle mangling of Richard Gage's name--or as Nico repeated, "Gay--ge". Truly puerile, sophomoric, and frankly appalling for a man who has recently exchanged sacred vows with another man.

NOTE: We were not invited to the service, nor do we have absolute confirmation of the private wedding, but, considering Patrick Curley is the only person outside of the No planes crowd who believes a word Nico says without checking it first, and considering Patrick is a 9/11 debunker, the ONLY explanation that makes sense is they're in a heavily invested, committed, long term relationship-- like marriage.

In any event we eagerly await the fallout of Nico's performance. Will he be sleeping on the couch for the next two weeks whilst he gets back into Patrick's good books? Will Patrick's blog, Screw Loose Change, denounce his husbands behavior, and take a firm stand that homophobic commenters will not be tolerated at Screw Loose Chance, even if that commenter is a spouse of one of the owners?

But there was one bright spot near the end--in an attempt to raise rabbithole central ratings, Nico dropped his trousers and mooned his audience: 37:00. This final performance piece he dedicated to yours truely. Let me say for the record, that, whatever other shortcomings Nico Haupt has, his shapely, waxed bottom is quite an asset. I sent him a complementary email, but I doubt he wants to share it. Regardless, he should be careful not to further aggravate relations with his husband by fanning any flames of jealousy by publicly flirting with me.

How ever Nico's performance affects his standing in 9/11 Truth, we do see a lucrative future for Mr. Haupt in the specialty porn industry and have taken the liberty of forwarding this audition to the relevant agencies.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kevin Barrett--front and center, please.

We're overdue for a wee chat about your behavior, mate.

To be blunt, you're making 911 Truth look bad. Let's count the ways--in no particular order:

  1. sending journalists not so subtle threats implying they could face hanging one day:
  2. there is your site, MUJCA , which features
  3. a article by Leland Lehrman, who apparently not only supports the KW hoax, but thinks the Protocols of Zion are a historical document.
  4. this article links to Tarpley's cointelpro alert at, the very alert that was the final straw to getting Tarpley the sack from the 911Truth Movement, if you recall.
  5. Going on record in Fetzer's Op-ed article saying you'll take TV-fakery more seriously now.
  6. The Madison Conference, where you cheerfully worked with a group including the disinfo who's who of the Truth movement, including Judy "dustification" Woods(and no, we don't care what her other Internet handles may or may not be).
  7. singling out individual journalists and accusing them of mass murder and high treason.
  8. endorsing Captain May's psyop "nuke Portland" hysteria
  9. linking to this RENSE cartoon on your site--though you did remove that link--a month later( cheers, but it's still too little, too late)
  10. and finally, conducting yourself in such a calculated, boneheaded way you guarantee that Screw Loose Change gets loads of material, here, here and here
And that's the short list.

Why do you do it, Kev? If you're really part of 9/11 Truth you've got to know by now rabbiting carelessly about the Jews and the Holocaust only gives the opposition ammunition, right? Do you like being a professional 3-D straw man for the Screw Loosers? Because that's all you're doing these days--as far as 9/11 Truth is concerned, you're right dead useless.

So here's where you're at: you know what happened to Webster Tarpley. No one is above criticism. If I was in your boots, I would start behaving--as of NOW.

-No babbling about Jews/Holocaust or mixing it with 9/11 Truth
-No more interviews of members of the No-planes, TV-fakery crowd
-No more spreading unfounded hysteria about "imminent false flags"-ever
-No more threatening people with execution, unless you can make a court case against said individual for a specific crime, punishable by the death penalty. And if that's the case, go to the DA.
-And stop mixing Rense shite with 9/11 Truth

I'll even say "please". Just this once.

If you are sincerely one of us and just aren't a good communicator, then, for all of our sakes, stop reaching beyond your grasp. Because right now, you're hurting, not helping.

If you're not sincerely one of us--well, guess we'll be due for anothe, less pleasant chat, soon.


Right--you can go now. Dismissed.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who is CB Brooklyn? WHO CARES!?!

Additional[June 2, 2011]: If you have been directed to this blog by Craig Lazo, before you help spread his lies, you should be aware his facebook account was suspended after spreading lies about people. This could happen to you too, fyi.

Additional: there seems to be a bit of traffic from a sad creepy blog. This link may help new readers keep things in context:

click link for your information

Additional ends.

From Jenny's diary~

I hate to break it to all you No-planes, mini-nuke, DEW people, but no one cares about your wee staged theatrics.

That's right. STAGED.

We've already seen the melodramatic Nico/Ricky break-up--where for some reason Ricky continues to support Nico financially. Maybe that's alimony. Whatever. The point is, nothing REALLY changed afterwards. You lot are still pushing the same rubbish, still playing opposite the debunker team, still have less than zero cred within anyone, in or out of the 911 Truth movement.

So why do you do it? I think it's because reputable 9/11 Truth sites have finally chucked most of you lot out. I've said it before, deny these tossers a platform, they WILL wither and die. So now they've been reduced to shouting incoherent schoolyard challenges at

They are literally in danger of becoming extinct.
Their five minutes of fame is about to be--blessedly-over.
Their entire raison d'etre--to poison the Internet with rubbish calculated to drive off new activists--if about to come to a sudden halt.
They are disnfo dinosaurs staring into the eye of the inevitable flaming comet roaring their way, with their names on it.

So what to do?

Well, nothing--there extinction is imminent. But they are doing their damnedest to make enough noise, drama, theatre to draw attention back to them and away from any real 911 activism. Trying to draw it out for as long as they can.

Well, have fun with that, "chums". As I've said before, no one cares what a bunch of no planes wankers say--about other activists, or themselves. And "less than no one" cares about your manufactured soap-operas. The only reason I'm even blogging it is so I can direct new activists to the phenomena if asked, without giving you more press than you deserve.

To every moderator, administrator, or owner of any 911 sites, forums or news wires: when you KNOW you have one of these nutters, have no mercy--just cut them off. Then watch them shrivel and die.

And good riddance.

Long live the REAL 9/11 Truth movment.


UPDATE: Nico whine's at his blog here :

NewAge Gender Cultfreak Col. Sparks claims, "

Ricky continues to support Nico financially", which is a bold lie.

No dime went into the one hand or other.
Fact is that was registered and paid by Haupt himself.
This, after an email exchange where I gave him a chance to explain why 911Bloglines is registered in Ricky's name:

Granted, Nico may have sites under his own name now, but, the fact is, Rick has bankrolled his stuff in the past. Probably continues to do so--how else does Nico pay his bills? Not like he has a visible means of support.

Then, in a gut busting farcical move, Ricky runs to Nico's defense with this blog, where, in part, he's confuses me with the sockpuppet king, B. J. Edwards. (Needs to convince himself there's no "Authority" so he can sleep at night):

Poor Nico, maybe he understands now why I insisted he get his domain. In fact I threatened to buy it, in which case I would treat it like an asset and he would never afford it again. Nico had such a cool name,, and I pushed him hard to BUY IT FOR HIMSELF. He finally did. Nico is a friend and I am not going to stand there and own a domain, buy one for him, or anything where later I might be tempted to use it in some other way. It would be a setup for evil and I would not do it. You can’t afford the 8 bucks for the name you are a loser. I actually forced him to stand independent. I remember he told me that he never did that before and now I think he understands the importance of what I was doing. I never wanted a domain to be held for ransom over him. Like Floum and Burks did in 911truth(resource). Pathetic “Sparks” can’t figure a mindset like this. Kudos to Nico who now knows that if he holds his creations on his own they can’t later be co-opted. Perhaps he understands more what a friend really is?
Yeah, Ricky, you're a real paragon of virtue, you are. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back...

And what did Nico have to say for himself? In an email, he invited me to a three-way with his new wife Pat.

Sorry, luv, maybe when you were 10 years younger, before the drugs took their toll. And if Pat looked a bit more like Johnny Depp, and less like, um, Pat. Call me shallow, but I only shag hot men. ;-)

I had no idea my blog about no one caring who CB Brooklyn is would upset the no-planers like this!

Okay, I had a bit of an idea...;-P

SECOND UPDATE: Killtown has gone completely off his nut--rabidly repeating Nico's hysterical, wild, and inaccurate guesses about my identity. Sadly for him, repeating something ad nauseum does not make it true--or we'd ALL be no-planers by now. ;-)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pat Curley has a Bridezilla moment at Screw Loose

  [UPDATE:  April 1st, 2013.  
 The subject of this blog post, Nico Haupt, was likely a victim of cult manipulation by various groups at the time I wrote this.  I did not know this and regret many of the assumptions I made about the man and his situation.  I hope he's free of these groups and doing well.

Readers note, no personal information Mr. Curley has not released himself has been published.  Neither his address nor phone number is published anywhere on this blog.  He's been free with his other personal information since before I knew about him:

 May 31, 2006 – Enter Pat Curley of Brainster. Pat has put together a website, Screw Loose Change, dedicated to debunking all the lunatic conspiracy theories
For the record.]


After I pointed out to him at 911Blogger he was ignoring our education efforts at Indy Media UK in favor of the Cult Watch wankers, he rushed back to his blog to type this, not realizing how parroting one of Tarpley's attacks on the Hoax Busters would look:

Update: In the comments on that post, Paul notes that several of London's big hitters were noticeably absent from Websterpalooza; I speculated that perhaps it was due to the Kennebunkport Bunk. Jenny over at 9-11 Blogger begs for a link to some stuff she's been posting over at the UK Indymedia site, but then plays coy when I ask for a URL, apparently believing as usual that I came across the 9-11 Cultwatch post by shadowing her every move. In fact, I came across the post virtue of Dylan Unsavory in our comments section. Whatsamatter, Jen? Chip Berlet not paying you enough to make my life easier?

First, he seems to be terminally dense to the fact I'm not acting alone, no matter how much I shove the fact into his--and others--faces:

Guess they're just obsessed with Jenny.

Second, I know Pat knew about our Indy UK actions because his fiancee blogged it here:

A whole series of articles have passed over the web pages of in recent days, suggesting that Webster Tarpley, who wrote that damning exposure of President Herbert Bush, has sold out.
The prime mover in these articles is someone called Colonel Jenny Sparks. She also seems particularly damning about Capt Eric May, who pulled noi punces with, and who was one of the first to suggest that a nuclear device could have been used at Baghdad airport.
Jenny Sparks' original article is included below, for debate...
Mind they make the same mistake of focusing just on me and ignoring arabesque, and cosmos actions, among others...

By Pat 's own admission, he checks Nico's blog regularly for news:

If you're wondering why I handle the real Nico so gently, it's because he's actually quite a bit more reasonable than many other 9-11 Deniers. He doesn't insult people here, he doesn't insult the firefighters or the passengers or their families or the pilots or Edna Cintron, or engage in Holocaust Denial. I can point out many, many instances of the more prominent, supposedly more mainstream 9-11 Deniers who cannot say the same. His news aggregator is one of my regular stops looking for bloggable content.

And I think he's dead on the money when he talks about the movement and the efforts by various cults to subvert it to their own ends.

You'd think, knowing "The Authority" has been riding Tarpley and knowing Nico has been regularly reporting our actions, that Pat, looking for Tarpley info, would at least check in with his fiance's blog once in the 2 days that passed between Nico's post and his...

Just like with the Kennebunkport Hoax we exposed, Pat knew we were on to Tarpley in the UK, but chose to ignore it--in preference to endorsing the Cultwatch wankers as the first responder.

Well, the jokes on him--even Cultwatch knows--and links to--Nico's blog---right above their link to Screw Loose Change, as chisc posted a screen shot of here:

Things aren't looking too good for your side , Pat-- go back to your wedding plans, luv, and stop making an ass out of yourself.

Note: Pat does try to explain his Chip Berlet gaff as a joke in an update--but it shouldn't have even occurred to him to use a Tarpley attack if he's not part of a similar agenda. Not to worry--as usual in these circumstances (when Pat posts another clue he's not the pure debunker he claims to be), his mates will just ignore the blog in question for as long as they can and hope the embarrassment goes away...